Areas of Practice

Family Law


Our experience on a wide range of family law issues spanning a variety of practice areas has given us an in-depth understanding of our clients’ legal requirements, uniquely positioning us to provide the most responsive, efficient, and effective legal solutions available. Our experience extends to each of these areas of practice.

Appellate Practice

If a party is dissatisfied with the decisions made by a family court judge, they may wish to appeal that decision. Appellate courts review the decisio ... More

Child Custody

We understand that child custody and parenting time are the most important aspects of any dissolution of marriage or legal separation matter, and will ... More


Contested Divorce

In a contested divorce, you could be dealing with a multitude of important legal issues, including determinations about ... More

Domestic Violence

We have successfully represented many clients who were in need of Emergency Protective Orders and/or Domestic Violence Orders. When dealing with famil ... More

Enforcement of Orders/Contempt of Court

The necessity of legal representation does not always cease when final orders are entered by a court. We will continue our involvement with your case ... More

Mediation of Disputes

Mediation is routinely used to resolve issues in family law cases, and is an effective tool in eliminating the need for prolonged litigation. The atto ... More