Child Support

All parents are responsible for the financial support of their children, and child support may be awarded in divorce and child custody matters. Child support, simply put, is the amount of money that a noncustodial parent pays to a custodial parent each month for support of the children that they have in common. This amount is determined using the Kentucky Child Support Guidelines, which are contained in the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

Many factors are considered in determining each parent’s obligation in a particular case, including each parent’s adjusted gross income or earning capacity, the expenses related to the child’s health care coverage and work-related childcare. If a child has special needs, this may also be taken into consideration.

Whether you are a divorcing couple or the unmarried parent of a child whose relationship with the other parent is coming to an end, you will be faced with the issue of child support. Obtaining a court order for child support is necessary to protect your rights to enforce the paying parent’s obligation. If a noncustodial parent falls behind in their child support payments, or stops paying altogether, certain steps must be taken to enforce the child support order. Non-compliance with a child support order can have serious consequences, in both civil and criminal court.

In some situations, where there is a “material change” in circumstances, an existing child support obligation may be increased or decreased, depending on certain factors. If you are dealing with an initial child support calculation, or believe that child support needs to be modified, we will work with you to ensure that the obligation is calculated properly.

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